JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000
JNR Falcon 16000

JNR Falcon 16000

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JNR Falcon 16000 puffs in Europe - At Vapes Europe

The product of JNR, JNR Falcon 16000 puffs in Europe is a powerful vaping device that has the features and performance that can take your vaping to new heights. It delivers a massive puff count for a longer and flavourful experience. Additionally, with its robust battery, advanced coil technology, and incredible design, it has become the go-to choice of vape enthusiasts. 

Vapes Europe, a leading vape shop online in europe, offers everything you need for an extended and exceptional vaping experience. The JNR Falcon 16000 Disposable vape device is one of the most popular products at Vapes Europe. Furthermore, this vape enhances vaping with its style, performance, and a wide variety of flavors. 

Specifications of the JNR Falcon 16000 Puffs in Europe

  • Big puff

  • Up to 16000 puffs

  • 850mAh Battery capacity

  • Dual Mesh

  • 22ml E-liquid

  • Bigger cloud & Strong throat hit

  • Long-lasting aroma till the last puff

  • Dual charging ports

  • Type C & Lightning included

JNR Falcon 16000 Price at Vapes Europe

Searching for the best deals on the JNR Falcon 16000 Price? There's no need to search any further than Vapes Europe! You can purchase this high-quality disposable vape in Europe for only €24.99 and get a discount of €2.00 (7%) from the original price of €26.99. The discounts improve with our bulk buying choices. Therefore, with the purchase of three vape devices for the price of €65.99, you can get a discount of €8.98, or you can opt for five vapes for €102.99 and save a remarkable €21.96.

The JNR Falcon 16000 puffs is popular among vape enthusiasts due to its exceptional quality and superb performance. With our incredible offers, you can also stock up on your favorite flavor of JNR Falcon 16000 Disposable vape and enjoy high-quality vaping for a much lower price. 

JNR Falcon 16000 Flavours in Eu

There are many different flavors of the JNR Falcon 16000 Flavours in Eu. So, the vapers can have a flavor to suit every taste, from fruity options like mango and berries to cool menthol choices like cool mint. Some of these flavors at Vapes Europe are

  • Blue Razz Ice 

  • Blueberry Pomegranate Ice 

  • Blueberry Red Raspberry 

  • Mango Passion Fruit 

  • Passion Fruit Kiwi 

  • Strawberry Kiwi 

  • Strawberry Watermelon Ice 

  • Watermelon Mango Peach 

  • Watermelon Ice 

  • Berry Burst 

  • White Peach Razz 

  • Blueberry Raspberry Cherry 

  • Cherry Berry 

  • Strawberry Ice 

  • Mixed Berries 

  • Watermelon Bubblegum 

  • Strawberry Banana 

  • 1Cola Ice 

  • Blueberry Kiwi

Overview of JNR Falcon 16000 Specifications

The JNR Falcon 16000 provides an impressive 16000 puffs per device. Therefore, it allows for longer vaping sessions without needing to be replaced frequently. This feature is also ideal for individuals who prioritize durability as well as ease of use when vaping.

The JNR Falcon 16000 has sufficient power for long-term usage due to a large 850mAh battery. Additionally, the strong battery life allows you to vape with assurance, knowing that your device will last long periods of use without needing to be recharged frequently.

With advanced dual mesh coil technology, the JNR Falcon 16000 provides excellent flavor and vapor production. Moreover, this technology delivers uniform and full clouds, and you can enjoy a satisfying yet smooth throat hit and an improved, unique vaping experience.

The JNR Falcon 16000 does not refill with its generous 22ml e-liquid capacity. This great amount, as well as the effective utilization of e-liquid, also enables longer vaping sessions and optimizes ease of use.

The JNR Falcon 16000 is designed to create larger puffs and deliver a powerful throat hit. Thus enhancing every puff with satisfaction. Furthermore, this incredible vape device delivers a lasting aroma until the final inhale and guarantees a steady and enjoyable vaping session.

The JNR Falcon 16000 includes two charging ports for Type-C and Lightning cables and provides extra convenience. This fast charging feature guarantees quick recharging. Also, it allows you to spend less time waiting and more time savoring your preferred flavors. 

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What are the features of the JNR Falcon 16000 puffs?

The JNR Falcon 16000 is equipped with a capacity of 16000 puffs, an 850mAh battery, dual mesh coils, a 22ml e-liquid tank, and dual charging ports (Type-C and Lightning). Moreover, it produces large clouds and delivers a powerful yet smooth throat hit.

What varieties of the JNR Falcon 16000 Disposable vapes are on offer?

The JNR Falcon 16000 Disposable vape is available in different flavors, such as Mango Blast and Berry Fusion, as well as menthol options like Cool Mint. Discover our complete selection to locate the one you love the most.